swift - not swallow
bike 180 – ride day 35
first ride home in shorts this year and so the first outing for my swift tattoo.

a pretty dull day all round.
the usual stuff at work – just marking time really before the credit crunch finally catches up with us and shakes up the business and by extension, the lives of everyone that works there.
rumours are rife. redundancies or short-hours.
i’m not sure what it’d be like only working 4 days a week. obviously it is preferable to not working any.
money will of course be the problem. we should be ok but things would become tight. the luxuries, weekends away and the new bike bits will all have to be carefully considered.
on the plus side, i will be able to get an extra long ride in each week. maybe i’ll see more of the kids. i may even get to take them to school once a week – something i really miss.
it’ll screw up my plans for a big 40th birthday bash. maybe i can have the big party when i’m 41, or even 42 if this depression really takes hold.
i wonder if the band i was planning on having play the party will still be together in two years time!
and the chances of me still buying the custom built bike frame i was planning for my 40th birthday present looks decidedly remote.

still, its friday tomorrow…

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