no worries

groby pool sunset

some days, i feel even more smug than usual about riding a bike to work. today is one of those days…
because i commute by bike, i don’t have to worry about the price of a barrel of oil and if it’s being subsidised to make us feel better about the rest of the economy.

i don’t mind if the roads are icy (i just use the mountain bike).
or about the fact that our council is trying to import salt/grit from spain because they’ve run out.

i don’t have to set out early to get a parking space closer to work.

i never have to scrape the windows of my car.
or buy de-icer.

i don’t have to worry about eating chocolate bars, chips and curries.
or ‘watch what i eat’

i don’t complain about how busy the roads are having just sat in a traffic jam (think about it people).

i don’t have to make time to exercise.

i could go on…


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