face saver

face saver

bike 180 – ride 20

first ride for a week. spent most of it clearing snot from my head in the form of lime green snot rockets.
i rode with the club and one of our number took a pretty bad fall on a slippery corner. i heard the skidding and then the bike hit the floor behind me. as i looked back, paul was rolling to a stop and looked to bang his head quite badly.
i stopped as quick as i could and ran back to see how he was. he lay in the road with the other boys around him, complaining of pain in his wrists.
after the initial shock, he began moving and got up. the side of his face had took a real whack. the side of his helmet was smashed in and i have to say, without it, his face and head would have been much worse.
i really don’t like helmets but this was another reminder of the benefits of them. a reminder that will make sure i’m wearing mine for every ride for at least the next month…

the comical bit was that he handed me his iphone and asked me to call his girl! he could have walked the 15 miles home before i had worked out how to get the thing to work, let alone call her. some of it was the difficulty of operating the thing with my winter gloves on, but i felt like my parents must have when they used to get me to program their vcr because it was fancy, new technology

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