sandwich of the gods

snadwich of the gods
my dream sandwich – better medicine than vitamins or fruit juice!

crusty bread (idealy, tiger bread from tescos), slathered in butter, mounted with 5 (five) fish fingers.

the fish fingers have to be cooked so that they are dark brown on the outside, almost black around the edges and still juicey inside. flash-grilled if you like.

on top of the fingers goes a potato waffle, cooked in the same way.

a good handful of grated red leicester is then unevenly distributed over the pile.

the second layer of bread is matched in thickness by the mayonaise spread onto it (think more like bread dipped in mayo…)

balance the second slice of bread on top and then halve the sandwich. that way, you can look forward to the second half while still eating the first!

serve with cold beer or hot tea.


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