dark and light

the latest in my quest to take a picture on each ride this year. ok, strictly speaking, i wasn’t actually out on the ride when i took this, but this is the bike i rode today and this is some of the crap that collected on it.
now that the roads have thawed, they are filthy. the salt and grit that has been collecting at the sides of the roads for the last couple of weeks forms a crunchy path of nastiness just waiting to be sprayed onto a steel bike frame whereupon it can get to work on eating away anodising and shiny paint finishes.
i am one of life’s bike polishers. i like my bikes to look good at all times. even if it is my commuter that, at this time of year, is filthy by the time i get to the end of the street.
needless to say, this and the other bikes i’ve ridden this week will be in for a severe cleaning on sunday so that next week i can get them dirty all over again.

ladies and gentlemen, i would like to present to you, for your listening pleasure WINTERSLEEP* http://www.wintersleep.com/index_1.html

*i’m always a little nervous recommending bands to people because maybe i’m the last person on the planet to get into them. maybe they are top of the charts. maybe they are last year’s x-factor winners…
anyway – i heard them for the first time last night and through the wonders of itunes now own all three of their albums and love them! i haven’t been so excited about a new band for quite some time.

finally, work got a little better. although, i know it will get very much worse soon. and knowing makes it worserer still (if you know what i mean)

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