cottered cranks and corduroy

cottered cranks and corduroys

today, i had to drop a car off at work and so needed to ride the 6 miles home afterwards.
as the roads were dry and the sun was out, i got to ride my raleigh popular.
this of course means dressing up in suitable gear. certainly not any lycra or a helmet for example.
i rode through the nearby deer park (which i have never seen so busy) and the bike was a real head-turner. it’s the cycling equivalent of a classic car but of maybe even more interest because lots of the older folks who see it actually owned one or something very similar…

before that, i’d ridden 80km. not quite what i’d planned but after 13 days without riding and my stomach still suffering it’s christmas hangover, it was tough going. i rode over the forest and then up towards the airport. stopping to sit in the sun for a couple of minutes at breedon church. it is a pretty unique place sitting on top of a 150ft high lump of rock, two sides of which have been quarried away so that the actual drop from the top to the bottow of the quarry is probably 250-300feet.

anyway, 140km to do now to get to the 10,000km mark…

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