my bikes…. an introdruction

velo-orange fenders
first up is my on-one il pompino fixed gear (il pompino means something rude in italian). this is the bike i have had the longest. this is the bike that, if the shed was burning down, i would save. although it cost 400 quid for the complete bike, i have probably spent that again on it. it is currently running velocity deep-v rims, 48*17, midge bars, velo-orange mudguards, brooks b-17 saddle etc.

next up, planet-x kaffenback. my regular commuter that has done 6000-odd km this year. built at the moment with campag bits, rack, mudguards etc. built for comfort, not for speed!

more pictures of my new bike
next, my bianchi 928. all carbon and it looks fast leaning against the cafe wall. beautiful, light and fast

oh, you handsome brute
my raleigh popular. the best looking bike i own but the hardest work to ride. it is not as old as it looks – built in 1981, the last of the raleigh 3-speeds built.

last up, for now anyway, is my on-one inbred. a singlespeed with sliding drop-outs, shiney red bits made by hope and ever larger tyres.

i also have a giant ocr time-trialling bike but that is wrapped up in a bike bag in the shed until the season starts. and a raleigh milk-race special that is a ‘project’. it was actually given to me as a full bike. i stripped it, planning a fixed-gear conversion, only to learn various chain-line lessons the hard way. one for next year maybe!

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