I’ll add to this page as I make my way through the course, but the intention is to keep a list of the material that I have used as reference or research material. The links will take you to posts in my blog that have reference that material.

About Photography

Clarke, G (1997) The photograph. Oxford; Oxford University Press

Cotton, C (2009) The photograph as contemporary art. London; Thames and Hudson

Dominguez, L. (2008). 25 lessons I’ve learned about photography… life (kindle edition). USA;

Dyer, G. (2005) The ongoing moment. Great Britain; Little, Brown

Higgins, J (2013) Why it does not have to be in focus. London; Thames and Hudson

Steacy, W. (2012) Photographs not taken. USA; Daylight Community Arts Foundation


Technical Manuals

Barnbaum, B (2010) The art of photography – An Approach to Personal Expression. California; Rocky Nook

Gibson, D (2014) The street photographer’s manual. London; Thames and Hudson

Freeman, M (2013) Capturing light – the heart of photography. Lewes; The Ilex Press

Freeman, M (2013) The colour photography field guide. Lewes; The Ilex Press

Freeman, M (2007) The photographer’s eye – Composition for Better Digital Photos. Lewes; The Ilex Press

Hunter, F et al. (2012) Light – Science and magic. An introduction to photographic lighting. Oxford; Elsevier Inc.

de Sausmarez, J. (2008) Basic colour: a practical handbook. London; A&C Black

Sidaway, I. (2002) Colour mixing bible. Newton Abbot; David & Charles


Photobooks and Collections

Ballan, R (2001) Outland. London; Phaidon Press

Bright, S (2013) Home truths – photography and motherhood. London; Art Books

Brouws, J, Polster, B & Patton, P. (1997) Highway – America’s endless dream. Köln; DuMont Buchverlag

Brouws, J (2003) Readymades – American roadside artefacts. San Fransisco; Chronicle Books

Brouws, J (2006) Approaching nowhere. New York; W.W.Norton & Company

Brouws, Burton and Zschiegner (2013) Various small books – Referencing various small books by Ed Ruscha. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Coekin, C (2007) The hitcher. United Kingdom; Walkout Books

Davis, T (2006) My life in politics. New York; Aperture

Herwig, C. (2014) Soviet Bus Stops. Self-published

Herzog, F (2011) Photographs. Ostfildern, Germany; Hatje Cantz Verlag

Howarth, S & McLaren, S (2010) Street photography now. London; Thames and Hudson

Kandhola, M. (2013) The aura of boxing. Stockport; Dewi Lewis

Lidwin, J (2012) Unknown people (Kindle edition). Katowice; Self-Published

Luxemburg, RB et al. (2000) Liebeslied. London, Black Dog Publishing

Luxemburg, RB et al. (2011) Hardcover. London, Black Dog Publishing

Luxemburg, RB et al. (2012) Seeing for others. London, Black Dog Publishing

Maier, V (2011) Street Photographer. New York; Powerhouse Books

McMillan, CJ & Barry, M (2010) Le métier – Seasons of a professional cyclist. London, Rouleur Magazine

Ray-Jones, T (2013) Only in England – photographs by Tony Ray-Jones. United Kingdom; National Media Museum

Regenberg, M (2011) M come to where. Köln; White Press

Sammallahti, P (2012) Here far away. Great Britain; Dewi Lewis

Singh, D (2013) Go away closer. London, Hayward Publishing

Williams, J. & Teasedale, C. (2011) Is Britain great? 3. United Kingdom; Cornerhouse and The Caravan Gallery

Witz, D. (2010) In plain view – 30 years of artworks illegal and otherwise. Berkeley, CA; Gingko Press

Wright, J et al. (2014) Land/Sea – the art of landscape photography. United Kingdom; Triplekite



The East Midlands Monochrome Group, 9 November 2013

ASCO – No Movies. Nottingham Contemporary, 14 November 2013

Dayanita Singh – Go Away Closer. Hayward Gallery, London. 7 December 2013

Home Truths – Photography, Motherhood and Identity. The Photographer’s Gallery, London. 7 December 2013

Jaques Henri Lartique – Bibi. The Photographer’s Gallery, London. 7 December 2013

Pentti Sammallahti – Here, Far Away. The Photographer’s Gallery, London. 7 December 2013

Home Truths – Photography, Motherhood and Loss. The Foundling Museum, London. 7 December 2013

Serrão, J and Branco, J – 2. Museu Municipal de Faro, Portugal. 9 February 2014

Kandhola, M. The aura of boxing – the black and white series. New Art Exchange, Nottingham. 15 February 2014

Manipulated image. New Art Exchange, Nottingham. 15 February 2014

Saeedi, M. Life in war. The Creative Hinckley Gallery at the Atkins Building, Hinckley. 22 February 2014

DiCorcia, P-L. Photographs 1975-2013. The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield. 23 February 2014.

Ray-Jones, T and Parr, M. Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. The National Media Museum, Bradford. 5 April 2014

Magnum Photos. Open for business. The National Media Museum, Bradford. 5 April 2014

Woman – The feminist avant-garde of the 1970s. Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels. 26 June 2014

Where we’re at! – Other voices on gender. Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels. 26 June 2014

No Country for Young Men – Contemporary Greek art in times of crisis. Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels. 26 June 2014

The Belgian Six – a group show for Belgian photography curated by The Word Magazine. Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels. 26 June 2014

Regenberg M. Fair use. Foundation Stichting. 27 June 2014

Heinecken R. Lessons in posing subjects. Wiels Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels. 27 June 2014

Ghitti, B. Inside Carol Rama. Nottingham Contemporary. 09 August 2014

Maier, V. The discovery of a photographer. Sint-Pietersabdij, Gent. 17 August 2014

And now it’s dark – American night photography. Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham. 14 September 2014


Journals, Magazines and Periodicals

Black + White Photography

The British Journal of Photography

Rouleur Magazine


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