The Limerick Agricultural Show on FP4

A couple of weeks ago we went along to another of those events that appears on the wall planner in January and seems ridiculously far off. But in late August, it comes and goes and another Autumn is upon us.

I have no great interest in agricultural life that comes together for the Limerick Show, but here in Ireland we are surrounded by it constantly. The show is great for our daughter as she’ll run around, full of ice cream, marvelling at the creatures great and small.
It’s also a pretty cool thing to take pictures of. I did so last year using my M Monochrom, but this time decided to use film, because… well, why not?

So here are a few pictures to give you a taste of the day; shot on Ilford FP4+ using a Leica M6 with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f/1.5 (with a yellow filter), processed in Ilfotec HC and scanned at home.

M6 FP4458

M6 FP4459

M6 FP4460

M6 FP4467

M6 FP4468

M6 FP4470

M6 FP4471

M6 FP4474

M6 FP4475

M6 FP4476

M6 FP4477

M6 FP4479


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