#StopBrexit March Manchester

Iain and I travelled up to the #StopBrexit march today in Manchester. While I’m unsure if it made any kind of difference, I’m pleased that we went along and got involved.

I still hold on the hope that as it becomes clearer what a disaster leaving the EU is going to be, more people will demand the chance to vote on accepting the final deal (or not). I hope for the opportunity for the nation to make a decision once aware of the full implications to them and more importantly, their decedents, and not based on lies and guesswork.

Leica TriX 221Leica TriX 218Leica FP4 192It was reassuring to see so many people who also think that the whole idea of leaving the coolest club in the world is such a ridiculous thing to do. There was a huge crowd in excellent spirits, many of whom had gone to great lengths making banners and dressing up.

Leica TriX 208

Leica FP4 188Leica TriX 229


Leica TriX 227


Leica M6, 35mm Summicron-M ASPH, Kodak Tri-X processed in Ilford DD-X and scanned at home.

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