Read All About Me!

If you’ll excuse the self-promotion, you might be interested to read my interview over on, the website and community for all things film. Click on the link in the tweet below or right here to read it. It was a fun thing to do and ends up reading like something of an autobiography.

During the piece, I mentioned that my favourite film was Neopan 1600 and that I was down to a last roll. A fellow film photographer read the interview and very kindly sent me another roll to use to ‘capture new memories’.

This, and the feedback via Twitter and the comments section at the foot of the article have been great to hear and a nice prompt to get out and make more pictures…

Thanks to Emulsive for having me, Photo District News for picking up the article and adding it to their ‘Great Weekend Reads’ update and to everyone that commented or retweeted…

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