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Another message from those nice people at Leicester Critical Mass…

Hey folks, there is just one week left before the Monster Mass takes to the streets of Leicester.

We’ve been out and about around the city publicising the event and planning the route. It looks like you’re all doing a great job in spreading the word as more and more people seem to be talking about the ride. We’re getting close to 50 confirmed riders which is brilliant – far better than we initially hoped for.

To answer a few questions that we’ve been asked:
•The route will be the best we can come up with while bearing in mind the mixture of riders we’ll have out. We’ve tried to avoid the steepest hills, the busiest junctions and areas where people just won’t see us. This is our first time and so we’ve been careful to not get over-ambitious. If we end up in the pub an hour after we started but everyone has had a good time and we’ve got the message across a little, then we’ve been successful.
•Fancy dress ISN’T compulsory. We have a few people coming straight from work (who unfortunately aren’t undertakers, bell-ringers or Transylvanian Counts) and so won’t be dressed up. As the previous information said, we’re giving prizes for the best bike-mounted pumpkin and the best fancy-dress outfit.
•We’re hoping to have a couple of film-makers and photographers along on the ride to document this and help promote future rides.
•We do have some qualified ride leaders coming along too. While everyone is doing this entirely at their own risk, hopefully those who do feel a little nervous on the roads will be re-assured to have some professionals along to make sure the rest of us are riding in a safe way.

As we’ve said at every opportunity, we want to make friends on this ride, not enemies. We won’t be confrontational, we won’t race off and leave people behind, we’ll stay as a group, we’ll be well lit, won’t ride on pavements… You get the idea! Anyone who isn’t happy with these ideals shouldn’t bother coming because we will ask you to leave if you do this stuff.

Anyway, keep spreading the word. If you want copies of the flyer to pin-up at school, work or in the pub, DM us and we’ll send over the JPEG.

We hope that this will be the first of a monthly, themed ride. Keep watching the group for more information. For non-Facebook users, point them to this blog where details will be posted from time to time.

See you all next week. Curve, Friday at 6.

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