love is my condition

inspired by andy’s excellent work, i realised that the local icon that is old john has featured in many of my photos over the years.

i share his feelings about the place and many of the photos of it but i now live only a couple of miles from it and visit more often than ever…

mike riding in bradgate into a summer sunset.
on the way to work with the sun rising behind old john.
bradgate park in 45 frames
bradgate park in 45 frames.

it provided the start and finish point when i walked the leicestershire round, i ride up there quite often and have even slept there a couple of times this year.
when i’m out riding, or even travelling in the car, i recognise the hill’s shape on the horizon and it is the sign that i am almost home.


  1. Cheers Ian – that top shot is flaming lovely. You're right, it makes a nice prop – that's the difference between someone taking snaps and someone who takes a nice photo I think, that ability to make the “obvious thing” just another element of the image.

    This is a great blog btw – I was boring my kids with excited talk of micro-adventures recently because of it.


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