putting it about

it seems just lately that more and more of my stuff is appearing around the internet.
for example, anth and the citycyling crew were good enough to include my piece about the on-one scandal in their latest issue.
today i posted my 730th blip today (that’s the equivalent of 2 years of posting every day) and so got featured on their spotlight page.
on-one have used a couple of my pictures on their re-launched website, including this one on my inbred and the black and white silhouette at the top of their home page. the writing (59km…) is mine too.
my pictures and gosia’s video from the tour of flanders at the weekend have also got hundreds of hits.
an old picture of lance armstrong has been used on peak performance sports tips
and even this little old blog is starting to become popular with 30-odd hits a day at the moment.
thanks all and see you around…
ronde van vlaanderen


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