Personal Work – The Flyover

Flyover 6

One of the main roads into Leicester has had a pointless flyover for as long as I can remember. Travelling over it on the bus as a kid was always pretty thrilling, being so high off the ground, and whenever I’ve rode a bike over it, it’s always felt like I was breaking some law or other.
The flyover is being pulled down. There has been great debate and the usual nonsense in the local press about the disruption that will be caused for a few days during the work. I’ve seen no comment about the huge open space it will create and the link it will provide between the city centre and ‘the Golden Mile‘.

After the lessons learned shooting my second assignment (that featured only shots in the dark), it seems to be something I’ve a taste for and the set I took could almost have been submitted for the same assignment, featuring points, curves lines etc. Have a look over on Flickr.


OCA 2 (4)

What is the difference between a road and a street? It is not a question of size (some urban streets are wider then country roads). A road heads out of town while a street stays there, so you find roads in the country but not streets. If a street leads to a road you are heading out of town. If a road turns into a street you are heading into town. Keep on it long enough and a road will turn into a street but not, necessarily, vice versus (a street can be an end in itself). Streets must have houses on either side of them to be streets. The best streets urge you to stay; the road is an endless incentive to leave.

Dyer, Geoff 2005 The ongoing moment. Great Britain: Little, Brown.