Sunrise, Sunset. 2016 on Film

I’ll be writing up my 52 Rolls summary in the next week or so, but suffice to say that shooting so much film through 2016 has been a complete game-changer. When I read about the project (on Emulsive) in Poland the week before last New Year, I couldn’t have imagined that it would have become […]

Film Wasting in Newcastle

Another post from my 52 Rolls project – shooting film 52 weeks a year… Two rolls for the price of one in this post (numbers 14 and 15 of the year already) but shot over the course of a couple of days and on a single trip, so I though I’d combine them.

Photo Oxford with the 7 Artisans.

Originally written for the 35mmc website. At some point last week, I saw Hamish’s tantalising pictures on social media of ten boxes containing the new 7Artisans, 50mm lenses that he had for sale. It’s a lens that’s been causing quite a stir since its launch, due to the winning formula of being an M-mount 50mm, […]

A Skye Adventure

I realised that I’d never posted this video on the blog, so thought I’d do it now. When I made it, my GoPro was still new to me and I’d not quite learnt about creating films that fit with people’s attention span!

35 or 120? You Decide…

Last week sometime, I saw the following tweet from Ade of the Sunny16 Podcast. Has anyone ever done a blind test on 120 vs 35mm film? As in can you tell which is which? @EMULSIVEfilm #Believeinfilm — Sunny 16 Podcast (@sunny16podcast) August 25, 2017 While I often try to work out what kit has been […]

Bring the Paint

Back in June, I took a walk around Leicester’s cultural quarter to admire some of the new street art that was created during the ‘Bring the Paint’ festival of the previous month.


A couple of weeks ago, an old friend called in to drop off a box of old Russian rangefinders that had been languishing in his loft. As I already own a rangefinder or two, I decided to offer these cameras to the @EMULSIVEfilm community in exchange for ‘some film’. I put no limit on what […]