Street Photography – Limerick

I needed to make a trip into Limerick on Saturday morning and as luck would have it, the rain that had fallen all week in this part of the world abated, and a cool, clear autumnal day dawned. The sun stayed low in the sky, meaning long, dark shadows were cast by the shoppers busily shopping.

It was an opportunity to have a wander to make some pictures.

As I’ve explained previously, ‘street’ isn’t really my thing – I find it difficult and stressful. But sometimes, when the light is good and I’ve shot a few early frames that I like, confidence increases and get I get on a bit of a roll. This happened on Saturday and I came away with some pictures that I like.

I remembered one or two of the tips that I’d learned on Cathal’s workshop, almost two years ago, and put them to use. Also, something that I picked up from Adrian, and that it to take pictures early in the walk or the day, and to ‘break the seal’. Even if they’re no good, at least you’ve started…

The picture above was the one frame I made of the scene – no multi-exposure shenanigans were employed…

A ghost?
Low cloud?
Or Blue Raz Cotton Candy vape smoke?

All snaps snapped on a Leica M262 with a 35mm Summicron-M ASPH.


  1. People make the best subjects, but for me it is hard to get good images of them in the street. The worst malady is 90% of people have their noses pointed into internet ether. How can someone so untuned to the world be of interest? I am going to NYC in a few weeks, and that has its own set of challenges. Despite being only one of millions of people, many New Yorkers take offense to being photographed. It makes one appreciate the brevity of Gary Winogrand all the more. Every once in a while though, I capture something that I capture something of interest. There is a bit of a thrill to the chase, and that excitement is what keeps me going back for more.

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  2. For someone who says “Street isn’t really my thing”, these are fantastic! The guy with his hands behind his back would absolutely be the cover of a street photography book. Great photos.

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