Frame Zero

OK, my very last retrospective post on 2016.

I’ve mentioned on (too) many occasions that part way through 52 Rolls, I simplified and concentrated on using one camera and lens. I bought a Leica and the rest is history (as is my credit rating). As I always try to eek the most frames from any given roll, I attempted the same with the Leica. However, I kept losing ‘frame zero’ because I hadn’t wound enough film through the camera after closing the flap on the back; I got things like this…frame-0-21And so I came up with a solution that I imagine seals my place with the Magnum agency and will have National Geographic ringing my phone off the hook: Every time I loaded a film and fired off the first few shots to get through the leader, I’d shoot my feet for frame zero. That way, if it didn’t work, I’d not lost anything. If it did, it’d add to this collection.

Anyway make yourself comfortable, sit back and enjoy, 24 pictures of my feet…



  1. I haven’t had problems with losing frame zero but several times the lab has assumed that a roll of film only has 36 frames and cut off the bonus frames on some brands of film. So I started telling the lab there are thirty-seven or thirty-eight frames on the roll.
    Nice feet, by the way. I’m looking forward to the National Geographic documentary Toes of Europe.

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